Darshil Clicks

We, at Darshil Clicks, believe that love, weddings, and commitment are a huge aspect of what life is all about. It is our honour to capture these subtle and meaningful exchanges and turn them into your beautiful story!

Our 5 years of valuable experience of shooting weddings have made us highly recognised, trusted, and talented wedding photographers.
Our works have been featured many times in well-known wedding magazines and blog sites.

Our style is all about storytelling, editorial and fine art photography.

Our approach is a blend of candid moments with fine art portraiture.
We combine a novel artistic approach with storytelling to produce meaningful images that show connection.

Darshil Clicks focuses not only on creating amazing images, but also on offering you the best experience both before and after your wedding day.


Capturing the Perfect Moment

Darshil Modi

Hi, I’m Darshil a very passionate photographer based in Dombivili, Mumbai. I have an endless curiosity for the things I'm interested in and I think it's the curiosity that drives me to find out more, experiment more and wondering how things work.

Always learning the fact that people give me their trust to document their BIG day using my creative mind really fuels my fire.

Networking and making friends is what I always look forward to. Getting to know people from different backgrounds gives me a high.

My search for making new friends and business partners led me to Business Network International (BNI), soon enough I became a proud member of BNI's Sankalp Chapter.

Thanks for taking your precious time out and reading about me.

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